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New Homeowners

Total Count: 220,000,000 records

Why are new homeowners such valuable prospects? They want to establish new business relationships to maintain or enhance their new homes. They are looking for services like lawn care, security systems and pool service. They are also hot prospects for retailers offering furniture and carpeting, and for continuity marketers seeking fresh names each month.

A home purchase launches a consumer into a whole new aspect of life that triggers new and different buying patterns. As many home purchases occur right before or after a major life event, new home ownership is often an indicator of migration from one key life stage to the next. Combine demographic selects with our real estate transaction selects to target families who are upsizing, empty nesters who are downsizing, or retirees who are enjoying a new relaxing life on the golf course.

When your offer requires that it go to a real homeowner and not a renter, you can trust our Homeowners Database to provide you with the perfect prospects.

Suggested Uses

  • Mortgate insurance
  • Lawn care
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • Internet services
  • Home improvements
  • Refinancing
  • Home security
  • And more!

Homeowner Demographic Selects:

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